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Designer Laura Green Rothermel

"​Balance can be achieved simply and living can then take priority..."

Hopefully, in time the shift of the modern experience of design will be realized by consumers and designers alike.   Then, perhaps, people will focus on living again rather than existing to exact their own impression on people. 

~Laura Green Rothermel

National Award-winning designer & author Laura Green Rothermel harnesses over two decades of experience practicing high level design consulting to residential & corporate clients in the hospitality industry. She leads independently while working with industry veterans to execute one of a kind projects by pulling together a classic body of work and focusing on design as an experience. Rothermel uses traditional space planning methods to create simple timeless interiors, design solutions, and lifestyle management.  

A graduate of The University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art with a focus on Interior Design, Laura has completed over 5,800,000 square feet of residential and commercial design projects. Boutique design & consulting services range from initial planning, concept development, specification to full service design & construction administration while working alongside residential and corporate partners.   

CercaTrova®, a handpressed stone product that began as as common language between sculpture & design was developed in 2014 by Laura & her husband Chris Rothermel and is being introduced to the market now project by project.  It's hardness lies somewhere between marble and granite, it's exquisite look makes it the 'Faberge Egg' of the design world.  For more information visit: www.cercatrovatm.com

Rothermel's early work experience with design houses such as Suzanne Kasler Interiors & Heery International provided a vetted approach to the industry.  Her boutique design firm resulted from years of training established in 2004 and operating until 2014 before going back into the corporate world.  Most recently her work for Wakefield Beasley, a NELSON company as Director of The Specialty Studio in the Atlanta office gained national attention.  Laura & her husband sculptor Chris Rothermel now split time between their practice in Atlanta & New England where the couple together focus on their creative endeavours.