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"​Balance can be achieved simply and living can then take priority..."

Hopefully, in time the shift of the modern experience of design will be realized by consumers and designers alike.   Then, perhaps, people will focus on living again rather than existing to exact their own impression on people. 

~Laura Green Rothermel


Photography: Rod Collins

National Award-winning designer Laura Green Rothermel harnesses over two decades of experience and practices high level design consulting in a limited capacity To The Trade & Hotels Teams Internationally. She leads a team located in Historic Roswell just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Pulling together a classic body of work and focusing on design as an experience. She uses traditional space planning methods creating simple timeless interiors, simple design solutions and lifestyle management.  

Also known for branding, sales and marketing expertise projects grow parallel as each relationship develops through proprietary modeling of simultaneous growth.  A graduate of the University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art, Laura brings the completion of over 5,800,000. sq. ft. of residential and commercial projects. Boutique Design Services & Consulting range from initial planning & concept development across multiple platforms to full service design & construction administration working alongside corporate partners.

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Designer Laura Green Rothermel